The Process

Our goal is to design and make unique, beautiful, and functional pieces fine furniture for the most discerning of customers. Each piece is designed to last, providing pleasure not only to the current owners, but for those generations to come.

Custom Designs feels it is important to design and construct  a piece, that both the customer and our company are happy with.

We believe that in an age of mass production and standardization it is important to preserve and encourage the traditional skills of the cabinetmaker and craftsman. As such, our customers are encouraged to become involved in a project from beginning to end. To collaborate in the creation of your own unique piece is a highly rewarding experience.

The commissioning process consists of five stages:

  • Initial Briefing and Design Discussion
  • Presentation of Designs
  • Materials Selection
  • Crafting the Furniture
  • The Finished Piece

Uses for our screens

  • Room dividers
  • Sliding doors for wardrobes
  • Window screens
  • Partitions for spas and decks
  • Cavity sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Bi-folds
  • Free standing screens
  • Skylight diffuser panels
  • Screens for boats