Marri - also known as Redgum - Corymbia calophylla (formerly Eucalyptus calophylla )
Redgums grow in diverse areas such as the southwest to north of Geraldton, and east into the wheat belt. It is a medium to tall tree, up to 40m in height, and produces an amazing display of flowers and yields copious amounts of nectar and pollen. The nectar attracts lots of birds, insects and other fauna and is a favourite for planting in parks, roadside stops, and gardens. Generally used for wood chipping, the Redgum often has "Kino" or gum veins, which has restricted its use as a feature timber. Kino is a gummy substance produced by the tree in response to injuries, such as from insects, fungi or fire. Although all eucalyptus produce Kino, some species produce more than others. Recently such markings have been viewed as features where as in the past they were seen as flaws. Heartwood pale brown to very dark yellow.

Uses for our screens

  • Room dividers
  • Sliding doors for wardrobes
  • Window screens
  • Partitions for spas and decks
  • Cavity sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Bi-folds
  • Free standing screens
  • Skylight diffuser panels
  • Screens for boats