About Us

From very early ages Darren has appreciated the natural beauty of timber, and the endless ways in which it can be worked. In 1999 he moved from Perth to Dwellingup, Western Australia to independently pursue his dream to equip himself with the skills required to become a successful craftsman. Dwellingup's School of Wood is W.A.'s only specialist fine wood training facility. Based upon the world-leading course run at Parnham College in Dorset, U.K., it has an annual intake of only 12 students and concentrates on craftsmanship, design and business skills.

He now has more than 15 years of experience in fine furniture design and construction.

After graduating from the School of Wood with a Diploma of Arts (furniture design) he had an excellent knowledge of:

• Working with clients and other industry personnel
• Working within the arts community
• Operating a business
• Marketing products
• Operating a wide variety of furniture production equipment as a designer-maker
• Working safely as a designer in a manufacturing environment
• Production of drawing for concept development and production purposes
• Manufacture of prototype and final product as a designer-maker
• A wide variety of timbers and their properties
• Design of unique commissioned furniture items
• Design of production furniture items

Having completed this course, naturally the next step would be to start his own company, which he did in January 2001.

Uses for our screens

  • Room dividers
  • Sliding doors for wardrobes
  • Window screens
  • Partitions for spas and decks
  • Cavity sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Bi-folds
  • Free standing screens
  • Skylight diffuser panels
  • Screens for boats